Things I Miss

A slightly fluffy post today but between homesickness and exhaustion, my brain isn’t really working today. In the last few weeks, I’ve been really thinking about all the stuff I actually liked about living in Ireland. When you’re in a bit of a vicious circle of a lack of employment/ lack of money/ lack of things to do like I was in during the last year, it’s becomes very easy to start overlooking the nice things about the country you live in. I miss so many things and have already started making a mental list of stuff I want to do when I go home for my holidays.

My lovely boyfriend, The Ginger, comes in at number 1, at risk of sounding like one of those girls who can only talk about their boyfriends. Smart, kind, handsome and ginger, what more could a girl want? I hoped the long distance relationship wouldn’t be too difficult but I never thought it would be so hard to leave someone so special to me behind me. It’s getting easier now that I have the internet but I don’t think it’ll ever be easy.

I miss being able to do normal stuff which isn’t drinking, shopping and tourist stuff. While all that is great fun for a while, I miss being able to call over to an old friend’s house, stick on a DVD or just chat for the evening. I miss being able to go for a walk, or just heading into town to get tea or heading to the farmer’s market. Here, even the simplest thing like grocery shopping is a PITA, and at the end of the day, consumerism isn’t a hobby I truly enjoy.

I really miss wearing clothes which I genuinely like rather than for the sake of not offending someone. I like maxi skirts, leggings, knee length shorts and dresses, boat neck tshirts and cardigans as much as any other girl but I would kill to wear a miniskirt or a pair of short shorts at the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, I deeply miss the friends I made in my 6 years in Limerick. I had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing, interesting and kind people in the world during my years there, and I miss each and every one of them.

Possibly the most ridiculous thing I miss are my bicycles, Aimee and Audrey. I used these bikes so much that it almost felt that they had personalities, moods and of course, self-destructive tendencies towards breaking something expensive at the worst possible time. They were entertainment, an easy way to keep fit, a cheap form of transport and a source of joy to me everyday (apart from those days when all my time and money was spent fixing them).

Last but not least, the pile of completetely random stuff: Today FM, my often unintentionally hilarious ex-workmates, bumping into the same people around the city, actual weather rather than continuous heat and humidity, bacon, Walkers Sensations Crisps, real tea (Barrys btw!), circuit training, warm wooly clothes and the library.


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