Girl Friday: Dry Skin Savers

I’ve always had problems with my skin in Ireland, an unhappy combination of oily and dry, but since moving to a really hot climate, my skin has become really dried out and dull. In the last couple of weeks, I have been pampering my skin and there are so many cheap tricks and some slightly more expensive treats to stop my skin from becoming drier than the Sahara Desert.

Lots of sunscreen– I currently have 5 bottles of sunscreen on the go, all different factors for a range from sports, spending time in the sun and wearing under makeup. Perhaps a bit OTT but at least, I haven’t burned yet. As far as I’m concerned, a tan isn’t worth the risk of sunburn, peeling skin, moles, premature ageing and skin cancer.

Palmer’s Moisturising Body Oil– This is my real treat to myself after a long week. It’s an intensive moisturising body oil which smells like chocolate thanks to the cocoa seed butter in it. While there are far fancier looking bottles out there with loads of expensive sounding ingredients, this cheap and cheerful body oil does the job for just under €5.

Scrubby Gloves– Exfoliating all that dead skin off is possibly the most important part of all this kindness to my dry skin, and possibly the most enjoyable… or is that just me?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion– I use the Clinique 3 step system, and the main reason why I think the system is any good is the moisturiser. The toner smells like a bottle of vodka and the cleanser is adequate, but the moisturiser simply works better than any other I’ve used before. It soaks into my skin very quickly and moisturised the really dry spots without clogging up the pores on my nose and chin.

Lots of Water– Between the heat and the air con, I’ve been drinking a 2 litre bottle of water a day so my skin has never looked better. I’ve also started keeping a glass of water near my air con unit to rehumidify the air in my bedroom.

Rosehip Oil– A small bottle of pure Rosehip Oil can really help with the really dry tight skin. When I put on a thin layer before going to sleep, I wake up the next day with plump, soft, glowing skin.

Any recommendations for dealing with dry skin?


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