Girl Friday: Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish Double Decker Red

And, another nail polish Girl Friday post! I like nail polish, it’s such a cheap and easy way to add some colour to your appearance, that for very low-maintenance me, it’s my quick pick-me-up for a night out. Today’s nail of the day is from Rimmel and the shade is called Double Decker Red. It is a very basic primary red, so if you prefer a blue-toned red, look elsewhere. It has a creme finish and ideally should be the classic glamorous red nail polish every woman needs.

Onto the gritty details… Two coats were needed for full opacity, and the layers only took about two minutes to dry. However what pisses me off about this nail polish is its lasting finish claim. With a base layer and decent topcoat (think Seche Vite and the like), I can get, perhaps, 3 days out of it, assuming I’m not doing any sort of manual work. Without those two additions, this nail polish chips in less than a day. I don’t think that it’s due to my nails as with most other polishes, I can get three days without a topcoat.

So, in summary… nice colour, looks pretty with henna and wear a topcoat!


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