Operation Stop Spending Money on Stupid Shit

One of the reasons I emigrated was to be able to save some money, and now five months after the date, I still haven’t managed to save a penny. I have lots of excuses for this but mostly it’s because I spend way too much money on things I don’t need.

When I’m bored, I go to the mall. If I’m stressed, I order takeaway when I can cook better tasting food for much less. If I have time to kill, I pop into H&M for a quick look when I have more clothes than I will ever need. I buy makeup and never use it, and then buy some more to add to my collection. I buy too much fruit and vegetables and let them rot in the fridge. I buy high heels but only ever wear flat shoes. I buy party dresses when my normal weekend involves drinking at a dive bar, running, reading and playing computer games. I buy books while I have a Sony E-Reader which has a couple hundred books on it. When I write my bad spending habits down, it’s clear that I have no idea how to put my money to good use.

I want to put my money to the best use and going shopping and spending money on crap definitely isn’t a good use. I don’t even know how much money I’ve wasted in the last couple of years on unnecessary purchases, but what I can recognise now is the amount of waste in my life. It’s the waste of money, time, space and potential.

From now on, my question to myself is going to be “Do I need this? Do I really really need this?” In fact, I think I can go one further. Instead of buying over the next few months, I shall try to de-clutter my life and prepare for a move home. Operation Stop Spending Money on Stupid Shit starts here!


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