Girl Friday: Hot Cloth Cleansers

As a woman whose skin can’t make their mind up between being congested and oily or being dry and flaky, I rarely have any luck finding skin products which work for me. My face never feels clean after using cotton wool and cleansing lotion, and face wash leaves my skin really tight and uncomfortable.

After years of disliking my spot-prone and generally unhappy skin, hot cloth cleansers entered my life. Their ingredient lists are filled with cocoa butter seed, almond oil, beeswax, panthenol and essential oils, all which leave your skin super soft but most importantly with really clean pores. You massage the cream onto dry skin  for 30 seconds or so and then use a damp muslin cloth to gently polish the cleanser off. The most important thing is use hot water for the cloth and to wring it out really well. For my skin, the muslin cloth really do an excellent job of exfoliating dead skin away and preventing congestion and build-up in my pores.

I love Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish and Soap & Glory’s Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser, and found out earlier this week that they have a similar ingredient list. They both are excellent cleansers, removing every last bit of makeup and dirt. You’ll find Soap & Glory in Boots and you can order Liz Earle from their website.


5 thoughts on “Girl Friday: Hot Cloth Cleansers

  1. Frickin love that Liz Earle stuff. Was all good for a year up until winter just gone and then my skin took a wobbly and I’ve had my first couple of facials to try and set things back on track.

    Using Dermalogica’s microfoliant for the last month instead but I’m not convinced it’s as good for keeping on top of congestion plus it’s messy as hell!

    Just wish Liz Earle goods were more easily available in Ireland. *Sigh*

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