Beautiful Romantic Sorrento

After the trip to Ireland, I flew back to Italy, bringing the Ginger with me for a romantic getaway to Sorrento. Being in a long-distance relationship is tough and holidays and visits don’t quite make up for the missed time, but what better way to spend the little time we have together in a beautiful town eating delicious food, sleeping in late, visiting historical sights, strolling through lemon groves and trying to make up for lost time.

Sorrento is unbelievably stunning with a beautiful Grand Marina, narrow back streets and dramatic views. I wanted to photograph it all but as always, there are a couple of places and moments which stand out; a old abandoned mill down in a valley, the Cloisters of San Francesco, the vintage Fiats speeding down narrow streets, a white scooter glistening in the morning sun, and the shopkeepers and stallholders in the tourist area.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Romantic Sorrento

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