Camera Bag for Women: Jo Totes

After months of carrying around a natty looking black nylon camera bag, I finally wrote a letter to Santa telling him that I was tired of looking like a tourist and just wanted a pretty handbag which would be able to keep my camera safe and me looking stylish. I pointed him in the direction of JoTotes, a US based company who makes beautiful camera bags, in particular the Betsy crossbody satchel in mustard. Santa mightn’t have gotten my letter but the Ginger was happy to pick up the slack and on Christmas morning, I excitedly opened a large box from JoTotes to find my own mustard Betsy bag.

Apart from the fabulous colour, this bag has so many little things which make me happy. A vegan-friendly faux leather is used on the outside of the bag, and while I’m wary of non-leather bags looking and feeling cheap, that is not a concern with JoTote bags. The faux-leather material looks gorgeous and feels soft and buttery. The bag is lined with a light grey cotton, and it is padded on the sides and bottom. It also comes with 3 padded dividers so you can customise the layout of your bag to suit your equipment, and can I just gush about the size of this bag? I can easily fit my D50 with the 18-55mm lens attached, my 50mm f1.8 lens, my purse and a cardigan into the main compartment without the bag being overloaded.

Even then, there is loads of storage space in the smaller pockets. There are two small pockets on the front of the bag which are useful for storing lens caps when I’m wearing a dress, my mobile phone, house keys and my remote trigger. The small magnets in the flaps keep the pockets closed and everything safe and secure. I use the back pocket for storing my E-Reader or a notebook and pen, but JoTotes say that it is designed to hold an I-Pad. There also is a large pocket in the front of the bag in the flap but I haven’t found a use for it yet. The bag comes with a long crossbody strap and a shorter shoulder strap

I am delighted with my JoTotes Betsy camera bag, and it definitely has led to me using my camera much more frequently. In fact, I already eyeing up another bag from them, the Gracie in Magenta!


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