Girl Friday: Sunscreen

When you’re as pale as I am, you know of the importance of protecting your skin everyday without fail…. or at least you theoretically do anyway. At home in Ireland where sunshine is a rare event, sunscreen is something which I must admit, to my deep shame, mostly remains in the bathroom cabinet and is used about twice a year. Here in the UAE, I try to apply sunscreen everyday and I’ve found a few facial sunscreens which I love.

Love… Vichy Capital Soleil Micro-Matte Fluid SPF 30


This sunscreen is amazing and here is why… It has full UVA and UVB protection, doesn’t leaving any white traces on my skin, and it has a matte finish so your face doesn’t feel sticky or look greasy. It’s best for oily and combination skin, and I loved it when my skin was much more tempermental but it doesn’t work as well for my normal skin type.

Love… Clinique Super City Block SPF 40


When my skin got drier with the heat and sunshine, I had to switch out my Vichy sunscreen with something with as high or more of a SPF rating. As much as most normal people scoff as I layer on my factor 50 by the pool, I have no interest in burning, getting more freckles and moles, or getting skin cancer so my search lead me to Clinque Super City Block with SPF 40. It’s oil-free and fragrance-free, and even though Clinique claim it is suitable for every skin type, I would think that people with dry skin would probably find this a little drying.

I was quite shocked though to open the tube to find a tinted sunscreen and I probably should have checked this before even buying it but thankfully, it blends into my skin really well. It is perfect for those days that you need to wear sunscreen but also want some light coverage.

Stay Away From… Urban Decay Urban Defence Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20


Yeah, this probably works really well for people with dry skin and who aren’t as pale as a ghost but I found it to be awful. My face felt so greasy after using it and regular use clogged up my pores… ugh, lovely. I thought I was onto a winner when I discovered it came in a range of shades but the lightest shade Halo is way too dark for my skin. I’ve kept my tube just in case I suddenly get a tan and dry skin but to be honest, I should just throw it out.

Want to Try…Β Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint


As I think Liz Earle can do no wrong, I think my next sunscreen purchase will be their Sheer Skin Tint in SPF 15 when I go back to the land of no sunshine. I think a light tinted formulation will encourage me to continue wearing sunscreen even in Ireland.

Do you have any recommendations for facial sunscreen? Do you apply sunscreen everyday or forget about it until you start to burn?


7 thoughts on “Girl Friday: Sunscreen

  1. Hi there – new visitor here πŸ™‚

    I am originally from South America but have quite light skin, so I was always having ‘accidents’ in the summer and getting sunburned! I now use sunscreen every single day under makeup and get made fun of all the time for living in England, where there is no sun – lol.

    My favourite sunscreens are the Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection (SPF 50) and the Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Sunscreen (SPF 30). The PTR one really does look more matte but I like the Shiseido one on my cheeks, since it gives more of a dewy look!

    x, Ana

  2. I use some sunscreen I have by Simple a lot, although I can’t find it anywhere online!
    I want to try Liz Earle, I am in LOVE with the face cleanser they make, and it smells so good too! πŸ˜€

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