Inspiration: Katie Taylor

The Irish Independent

Anyone watching the Women’s World Lightweight Boxing Championship Finals this morning surely cannot help but be in awe of the strength, fitness and determination showed by Katie Taylor and her opponent Sofya Ochigava in the ring. Women’s amateur boxing might be a new addition to the Olympics for 2012, but today’s bout certainly showed that there is a high standard out there and the Olympic gold medal will be toughly contested.

For me, Katie Taylor is an amazing inspiration of how training and hard work can pay off, and in her case, it has led to 4 World Championship wins and 5 European Championship titles. Furthermore, she also stuck to her principles when the Amateur International Boxing Association were contemplating making wearing female boxers wear skirts during the Olympic Games, commenting “I won’t be wearing a mini-skirt. I don’t even wear mini-skirts on a night out, so I definitely won’t be wearing one in the ring”.

Hopefully her participation in London 2012 will encourage more Irish girls and women to try out boxing or another contact sport, or even just get out and be active. I’m certain, anyway, that everyone will be tuning in to cheer Katie on this summer in her bid to add an Olympic medal to her already considerable achievements.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Katie Taylor

  1. I’m not a boxing fan, but I’m a huge Katie Taylor fan! You’re right – she is so inspirational. So even though I’d normally rather do anything than watch the boxing in the Olympics, I have a feeling I’ll be glued to it this year, cheering her on!

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