Would You Rather… Splurge or Budget?

This question recently crossed my mind when I started to save money earlier this year, and I began to realise that I can make good choices about how I spend my ‘fun’ money. The question is whether you prefer to spend your shopping money on one big purchase; an expensive coat or dress, a lipstick from Tom Ford, designer shoes or whatever your weakness is; or do you like to spend it on many smaller items from the likes of H&M, Penneys and New Look.

I like to think I gravitate to the sensible middle in this question, spending money on worthwhile expensive purchases while budgeting wisely for the basics which are going to fall apart or trends which are going to end up in the bin after 3 months. I have started to move away from cheaper brands for items which I know are going to be wardrobe staples and instead I’ve started to look for quality not quantity. However the lure of the cheap, trendy fashion fix always drags me back into Forever 21 and its ilk, which to be honest, often ends up being a false economy after they fall apart in the washing machine.

How about you? Do you save for the big treats, or are you a fan of lots of small buys?


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather… Splurge or Budget?

  1. Ummmm I think I like splurging!
    On clothes I don’t really think I have “my style” yet so I don’t think it’s worth spending a lot on an expensive few, however I don’t buy cheap clothes from Pennys either!
    So a high street clothes shopper and a lot of minor splurges on books and music and makeup!

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