Short Rant #1: Edit Your Photos

I don’t tend to have many opinions on what other people do online. To be honest, I mostly don’t care but there are a few things which tend to cause my blood pressure to rise. These tend to involve Facebook which, if I had any sense or willpower, I really should just avoid.

Today’s irritation is photo sharing. Don’t get me wrong, I love photos and I think anyone with a camera can take interesting, well-framed shots, but you know what, if you are uploading 200 photos onto Facebook, noone will be able to see the good from the bad because you have just stuck up everything, even the photos which are repeat shots in case the other copies turned out badly.

Furthermore, if you want to improve your photography, the ability to edit your own photos and understand why they didn’t work out is fundamental to the learning process. Maybe I am exceptionally self-critical but I would rather post 20 good, interesting or sentimental photos than 50 photos of varying quality amongst which the good ones just get lost.

Edit, edit, edit…


4 thoughts on “Short Rant #1: Edit Your Photos

    • There are days when I wish I weren’t on Facebook. The main reason I’m still on it is because I like being able to keep up with friends’ lives and worry I wouldn’t be able to if I deleted my account. Any thoughts?

      • As I got older, my list of friends dwindled and those that I want to keep in touch with, I make an effort to see. I’m not much of a believer in “reconnecting” with old friends because there’s a reason you haven’t kept in touch with each other. Of course, with that being said, if your friends and family are far from you then FB is a terrific tool to keep in touch. Hope you find that balance.
        P.S. Have u tried using the groups/lists feature? Maybe there’s a way of filtering so u only see those u want to see and an option to see the other stuff when u want to. Good luck!

      • I tend to use the close friends group as a filtering tool and it works most of the time. You are right about it being very useful for people who are far away. My four siblings and I live all over the world and it’s a good way to see the small details of their daily lives.

        You are right about reconnecting with old friends, it’s not worth and often I come to the same realisations as I did when we first drifted apart after reconnecting with them. Thanks May!

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