Some call it ‘abortion liberalisation’, I call it essential medical care.

I saw this news article linked in my Facebook feed this morning, and to be honest, it made my blood boil.

Regardless of a politician’s personal opinion, Ireland as a state is legally bound by the rulings of our own Supreme Court and should legislate their decisions. A ruling was made 20 years ago that Irish women are entitled to abortions in Ireland if their lives are in danger and the European Court of Human Right’s judgement reinforced that ruling, unless those politicians wish to tell me that a woman’s duty is to an incubator regardless of the danger to the continuation of her life, or that it is acceptable for those women to take a long, lonely and sorrowful trip to the UK for a life-saving procedure. There is no more to that whole issue than that. This isn’t about fornication, sex ed, moral standards, the Catholic Church or anything else, it is about how we take care of people whose pregnancy is endangering their lives.

This is not “abortion liberalisation”, this is providing women with essential medical care which could save their lives. End of story.


2 thoughts on “Some call it ‘abortion liberalisation’, I call it essential medical care.

  1. Whatever about the article itself, the comments beneath it were infuriating. I can’t believe people are seriously advocating that we set up hospice care, rather than allow women who require a termination for medical reasons to receive one in their own country. Where is their compassion for these women and their families?

    • Those comments are horrific, and these people clearly don’t understand that all the ECHR rulings is to reinforce the X Case judgement which is for pregnancies which endanger a woman’s life. There is so little compassion for other people out there, Lisa.

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