Short Rant #2: Grocers’ Apostrophes

Apostrophes used in a non-standard manner to form noun-plurals are known as greengrocers’ apostrophes or grocers’ apostrophes…

From Wikipedia

Please don’t do this, it makes me want to cry… Apostrophes should only be used to indicate possession, the omission of letters in a word and the pluralisation of numbers and letters. You don’t need to add it to the plurals of normal nouns.

So here’s a debate, is it grocer’s apostrophe or grocers’ apostrophe?


5 thoughts on “Short Rant #2: Grocers’ Apostrophes

  1. Oh, this drives me mad. Worst of all is when you see it on a fixed sign that somebody has paid to get printed and laminated!! Surely if you’re going to spend money on singage you’ll at least get someone to throw an eye over it…

    • Seeing those signs actually makes my blood pressure rise. I don’t understand how that would even happen as I would assume that at least two people have requested, designed and printed the poster.

      • Sorry, my spelling error in ‘signage’ there kind of knocks me off my punctuation high horse. But you knew what I meant 🙂

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