Weekly Writing Challenge: Meaningful Possessions

The current Weekly Writing Challenge from the Daily Post focuses on meaningful possessions and the sentimental value they have for their owner. It encourages a focus on the past and on how memories have transformed the object. Instead I would like to slightly alter the parameters of the challenge and talk about how a treasured possession shares my hopes for the future.

On a cold rainy night last winter, a nervous man asked an important question to which there was only one possible answer. My engagement ring doesn’t look like a traditional engagement ring and that may be the reason I like it so much. The marriage we envision doesn’t look like a very traditional relationship, so where better to start than by skipping on an expensive ring which we wouldn’t be able to afford anyway.

The ring is a simple silver ring, in which the band looped around the front with a small dot of gold and a tiny 0.1 carat diamond. Regardless of diamond size or the value of the material it is made out of, its symbolic value is far more precious to me than any ring made from the more expensive platinum and the shiniest diamond. It is a promise of love, fidelity, hope and of all the things most of us want. Our simple engagement ring says let’s share our dreams, love each other, have adventures, be a family, create memories and grow old together. Could there be anything more meaningful than that hope?



12 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Meaningful Possessions

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  3. Aw I love this post and your ring is beautiful. You’re right though, it represents your hopes and dreams. I never take my rings off and they often catch my eye and make me smile when I think of the commitment we made. Same with my hubby’s ring, I love looking at it on him because it’s a symbol of our love that’s on show for everyone to see. I love that 🙂

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