Mid-September Update

There’s been a bit of radio silence for the last week here. I’ve always said that I would blog when I have inspiration and things to share, so last week when my motivation was low, I gave myself a small break from blogging. I’m easing back into it with a quick update with some of the things I’ve been doing lately.

Blog Awards

I got some great news over the weekend that my blog has been shortlisted for Best Lifestyle Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland. I’m really pleased about this, and have been reading all of the other blogs which have been shortlisted in the categories.


Yes, I know, I’m 24 and I don’t know how to drive. I said I would learn how to drive by the time I turn 25 so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and getting driving lessons. It’s scary, and in one way, I wish I had done this when I was 18 so I wouldn’t be so nervous. This article written by one of my friends about Nurburgring is motivating me in my goal of learning how to drive; and maybe when I’m a better driver, I’ll get to drive there too.

Job Hunting

No luck yet unfortunately, but I’m still trying to keep my hopes up for something good to come around the corner.


I have to say that this period of unemployment is making me a much better cook. When you’re feeding two people on a limited budget, cooking tasty, healthy and cheap food becomes a priority. I would like to think of myself as a good cook, but cooking with a financial limit has certainly challenged me to become a much better cook. Meal planning has improved my cooking, as has trying new recipes and different ways of cooking old favourites.

Cutting Down on Waste

A big priority for me is trying to cut down on food waste in the kitchen, and not letting leftovers go to waste in the fridge. Meal planning certainly is helping cut down on the amount of veggies and fruit going in the bin at the end of the day, but the big thing is having a plan for leftovers for things like a roast chicken or cold rice to make them into lunch or as a side dish for dinner the next day.


I’ve been filling up my free time with loads of reading; George Orwell’s 1984, Lev Grossman’s The Magicians and Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles. 

Fitness & Health

I’ve been working on improving my general health and fitness after coming home from Dubai, and after a few weeks of workouts, I’m finally able to do loads of pushups, crunches, tricep dips and squats. I’m doing very little cardio lately because of niggling issues with my left ankle, but the moment it’s better, I’m going to start the Couch 2 5K programme.


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