Girl Friday: Some Recent Favourites

I haven’t written much lately about beauty products, and to be honest, it’s because I’ve been cutting back on my purchases lately and have been relying on the products which I already know and love. The great thing about this is that I have really gotten to test out purchases that maybe before I would have just ignored in favour for newer purchases.

Mac Mineralize Liquid Foundation

If you like dewy and light foundations, you will love this foundation. As an Irish girl who is proud of being pale and freckly, I want a foundation which matches my skin and doesn’t cover up my freckles. Sadly there are many sales assistants on make-up counters who would try a beige shade on my skin and try to persuade me that it add colours to my complexion. This has even happened to me in MAC before so I was pleased when I went to the MAC counter in Dubai Mall and was matched to NC15, a slightly yellow toned pale foundation. I don’t normally go for yellow-toned foundations and prefer a pink-undertone, but I was so surprised with how natural this foundation looked on my skin.

The best thing about this foundation has to be that you don’t really need that much of it. It’s meant to look natural and fresh, and should only be applied to the areas of your face which need a little extra help. For me, that is my forehead, nose, chin and lightly on my cheeks, and because the shade and tone are matched correctly, I don’t need loads of extra blending around my jawline.

Ecotools Buffing Brush

I am a fan of the traditional foundation brush like the MAC 190 but I was recently persuaded by a spate of posts in the beauty blogosphere to try a buffing brush to apply liquid foundation. It gives a really natural, almost airbrushed, finish to my foundation. I don’t know whether this will just be a phase but if it is, I’ve also found that it’s fantastic at applying cream blushes.

Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Dans Ses Bras (163M)

As much as I hate the concept of Holy Grail beauty products, this lipstick is my go-to red. It’s a pigmented raspberry red but also hads a super moisturising formulation. One application of this lipstick gives you a bright but wearable look, but blotting and adding another layer gives you red lips Marilyn Monroe would have be proud of.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Okay, it’s probably becoming pretty apparent that I am a a big fan of a certain make-up look- natural looking skin, bright lips and a neutral eye. Well, what better way to finish off a natural looking eye than with a thin line of black eyeliner flicked out into a cateye? After amazing reviews on, I looked for this everywhere in Dubai to no avail. The moment I got home during the summer, I snapped this up and yes, it deserves every rave review it had gotten.

MooGoo Udder Cream

I haven’t heard this mentioned much on beauty blogs, so here’s my shoutout to MooGoo. To put it simply, this product is amazing if you have any sort of skin problem, like sensitive skin, eczema or dermatitis. Thankfully my own dermatitis and skin sensitivity have settled down in the last few years but it’s good to have a cream in your arsenal for flare-ups. My fiance uses this on this hands to treat his eczema while I put it anywhere which is feeling sensitive and dry. Four thumbs up from this household anyway.

Any beauty products that you have been loving recently?


5 thoughts on “Girl Friday: Some Recent Favourites

  1. I love the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner as well, it really does give some of the more expensive ones a run for their money 🙂 I must try that brush, I’m a big fan of buffing brushes for applying foundation, they really give you a lovely airbrushed finish.

    I’m loving some cheaper foundations at the mo I just finished a blog post about them. Also loving that one of my favourite makeup brands, Stila is in House of Fraser in Dundrum. I know where I’ll be off to come pay day!

  2. Love LOVE LOVE Lancome lipsticks.
    The lady at the counter was really happy when I asked about lipsticks as she thought I’d go for lipgloss (I dislike gloss, it feels so gloopy) and she was so enthuastic and happy when I was comparing red shades as she was saying that ‘nude’ colours were what a lot of people our age (I think she thought i was younger than I am) wear, her excitement was catching and I bought two!
    That was when I was in Limerick, unfortunately I put one of the tubes through the wash, but the other is such a lovely texture, need to stock up on some more!

    What does MooGoo smell like? Is it really milky smelling?

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