Cork Culture Night 2012

While Cork city always has a great atmosphere during the weekends, events like Cork Culture Night always adds something extra to the weekend. Last Friday as part of Culture Night, everyone was in Cork city enjoying the events put on by museums, art galleries, theatres, dance studios and performance groups.

Cork Culture Night Balloons

Our evening started in Cork Public Museum in Fitzgerald Park, which traced the Bronze Age settlement on the banks of the River Lee, its development under the Normans and during English rule, and the War of Independence. While the museum is small, the displays were interesting and informative. From there, we went to the English Market to listen to live music and to soak in the atmosphere around town. 

Shandon, Cork

After a quick dinner, we walked to Shandon to the Cork Butter Museum and the Crane Firkin to see an area of Cork I haven’t visited yet. While the area was not as busy as the city centre, there were still crowds of people viewing dance performances in the Firkin Crane and in the small museum. The evening ended with the sounds of the local brass and reed band’s public practice, and a beautiful walk back to the city centre.

Moonlight Cork City Centre


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