Looking Forward to October

It’s the end of September, and it has felt like Autumn around here for the last week. There’s something about the long, cold nights that appeals to me; the hearty warming dinnners, hot soup for dinner, stepping on crunchy leaves, sneaky drinks in old-man pubs, decent series on the TV and lots of time for reading books. For my wardrobe, this means a happy return to black opaque tights, ankle boots, skinny jeans, cuddly cardigans and Breton-striped tshirts.

I have loads planned for October, and I’m really looking forward what the month has in store for me.

Lindy Hop: The Ginger and I signed up for a seven week swing dancing class; and after one class, I can say that I am going to really love learning this class. I’m not a good dancer but the class is so much fun.

Horse Riding: I bought a voucher for a horse-riding lesson at the beginning of the summer but never used it. I’ll finally get around to using it this month with my friend Laura. I’ve only ever been on a horse once so I’m a little bit nervous about this one.

Family: My younger sister is coming to Cork for Cork Jazz Week and Halloween, and my parents and the Ginger’s parents are finally getting to meet each other as well. I also need to practice making a birthday cake for my dad as he is turning 60 in the beginning of November, so I need to find a special cake for him.

Do you have any plans for October?


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to October

  1. I love your plans. I did Swing dancing years ago, is it with Elaine? I was only thinking about getting back in the saddle but it’s so expensive. Where are you going? My plans involve a massive spring clean in the house as I’m starting study! Let me know how you get on with the horse riding! 🙂 Last time I was in the saddle I was 4 months pregnant and didn’t know!

    • Yeah, it’s with Elaine, she’s a great teacher. Horse riding is up in Limerick somewhere, fingers crossed it goes okay! That’s great about going back to study, what course are you doing?

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