Bah Humbug, Early Christmas

I love Christmas. I feel I should open with this statement before I continue this post. I love the cold, crispy weather in December. I love the excitement building up in the weeks before Christmas, the way people seem to be kinder and more generous, the nostalgia for childhood tradition, the boxes of Roses and tins of biscuits, and so on. Hell, I even love going Christmas shopping, finding amazing presents for everyone and the perfect dress for Christmas Day which look cute and festive but allows for the inevitable post-dinner bloating.

However, I do not like how Christmas seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year. It’s not even halfway through October and shops already are stocking their Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and cards. I know we need to start thinking about saving and getting organised for Christmas early enough but who needs to get their wrapping paper and a star for their tree in October? It isn’t even Halloween yet, ffs!


9 thoughts on “Bah Humbug, Early Christmas

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  2. I know isn’t it just crazy?! I was in M&S yesterday and they had all their Christmas stuff on sale, plus the whole shop was decked out in christmas decorations, and in a tiny corner to the side was the Halloween stuff?! You’re right, it’s getting earlier & earlier every year!

    • This will be the first year I’ll have my own Christmas tree. I never had one growing up as our house was too small, so I’m so excited about decorating it. Aw, T will be so excited to have everything happening at the same time.

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