Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I’m a forest and woodlands loving girl at heart. There’s something about the combination of the moist earth underfoot, the hundreds of little plants and flowers in the undergrowth, the smell of fresh gorse, sunlight glimmering through the leaf cover and the feeling of being far away from civilisation for a few hours.

Then there’s the trees. Unfortunately many Irish forests are run for commercial business now, so there aren’t many properly old trees left in the forest. There’s lots of young silvia spruce ready for harvesting but the big trees which have grown for a few hundred years are becoming a rare sight in many Irish woods. Thanks to my Ent-like inclinations, I now feel incredibly happy whenever I see a huge tree growing anywhere.

This photo from University College Cork’s campus fits nicely in with this week’s photo challenge: to post something big.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

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