October Recap

Happy Halloween everyone, and farewell to what felt like the longest month ever. October was a tough month for me. I went into it with such optimism about it being a great month and after about a week of feeling happy, I then ended up spending much of the month down in the dumps about being unemployed. It ended up eating away at me, feeling useless for not being able to get a job despite a degree and masters (in Politics and Sociology, albeit) and loads of work experience. Either way, the month was turned around last week when I was offered a 6 month internship with a company whose work really interests me.

What I Did

Horse Riding- A few months ago, a friend and I bought vouchers for a horse riding lesson through LivingSocial and we eventually got to use them two weekends ago. I was nervous initially, having never been horse riding before, but between the lovely riding instructor and helpers in the class, I left the class feeling much more confident. Hopefully when I get the chance, I’ll book some horse riding lessons and give it a proper go!

Swing Dancing- I’ve written about this here before, and my thoughts remain the same. I enjoy the class, I love meeting new people but I am awful at actual dancing. Everyone else in the class seems so much better than me, and many of them have taken dance classes before. I don’t know if I’ll keep it up after the classes end in November but at least if I take another dance class, I’ll have a bit of experience to help me along.

Birthday Cake- It is my dad’s 60th birthday in the start of November but we decided to celebrate it early because my younger sister was home visiting from Germany. I made a chocolate fudge cake with a dark chocolate ganache to ice it and decorated it with white, milk and dark chocolate curls. I was pleased with how the cake looked and it tasted great but I should have turned the cakes around in the oven after 10 minutes.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

100 Posts- I reached 100 posts over on this little blog a week ago. Once again, thank you for all the views, comments, likes and follows!

What I Saw/ Read/ Bought

What Richard Did- I recommended this film earlier this month as I found it quite thought-provoking. If it’s still in a cinema near you, go watch it.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan- I haven’t reviewed this book yet but I spent the best part of a week reading and thinking about the discussion about meat-eating laid out by Pollan in this book. There are certain points at which I found myself agreeing with him with regards to the over-consumption of meat, cruel treatment of animals in American stockyards and the health implication of eating lots of fast food, but then there also were points where I found myself disagreeing with many of the other points in the book. More thoughts coming soon, whenever I get them somewhat coherent.

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation- One of the most frustrating shopping experiences has to be buying foundations. I’ve lost count of the amount of sales advisor who try to persuade me to go darker to add some colour to my face or brands who don’t make a foundation pale enough for my fair skintone. I’ve had some luck with Bourjois, Urban Decay and MAC, but I wanted a change so off I went to the N0 7 counter in Boots and was colour-matched to Calico, the palest shade. I’m not totally happy with the actual foundation but I’ll finish off the bottle before trying something else.

So how was your October?


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