University College Cork Campus Walk, Part 2

The latter part of my stroll through UCC brought me past the rose gardens and the quadrangle into the Aula Maxima to look at the corridor of Ogham stones. I know I have been on UCC’s campus before at open days and visiting with my mother, a frequent visitor to her alma mater, but somehow I had never seen the Ogham stones or the sundial.

The best part about this photowalk, apart from the pretty photos, is slightly nerdy. I bought a bunch of lens for my DSLR at the start of the summer, and have been having so much fun playing with them that I hadn’t used my basic 18-55mm lens since June. That Sunday, I only used my 18-55mm lens and have fallen back in love with its simple and effective ways. Of course, I had to give myself a challenge, and that was to shoot for the whole day on the manual setting. Normally I chicken out of manual after 15 minutes or so, preferring the aperture setting but I stuck with it and got some great shots.


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