List 1: Things Which Make Me Go Grr…

Blogging has been a bit slow recently with everything that’s going on so I’m starting to keep some lists to keep everything ticking over.

As a general grouch, I have several pet peeves. Here’s my list of the annoying things people do and character traits which make my blood boil and send me into a frustrated rant.


I hate rudeness with a passion. We all forget our please’s and thank you’s occasionally but continuous rudeness is unbearable. What makes me even madder is when people are rude to those in underpaid and undervalued jobs, or when people think rudeness is the only way to get what they want.

Slow Walkers

I’m a woman with places to go, often times, late going to those places. Hence I’m a fast walker. Slow walker, watch out and as for people who suddenly stop dead in the middle of the pavement, well, that’s just inconsiderate.

Know It Alls

Yes, I know you know everything there is to know about that issue but other people can also contribute to the conversation as well. There also is the other version of people who think they know everything about something but in reality know very little, but somehow manage to persuade everyone around them that they’re right.


I know, it’s not cool to be earnest these days and I’m pretty damn cynical about many things, but continuous cynicism just wears me down. Not everything requires a snarky response or biting sarcasm. Cynicism is not a show of intelligence, it’s just an poor imitation of critique and intellectual insight.

What are your pet peeves?


5 thoughts on “List 1: Things Which Make Me Go Grr…

  1. ohhh people who stop in the middle of the footpath really get on my nerves. Drives me nuts. I hate also when there’s a long queue in the shop and the people in front of you only reach for their wallet or purse when they get to the counter. As long as their hands are reasonably free they should have everything ready to go when they get to the top of the queue.

  2. Mostly language pet peeves with me – bad grammar, there, their and they’re being used incorrectly and text speak, god how I loathe text speak. Car drivers who are big fat bullies! People who don’t drive with their lights on in bad weather, too close to me or with their full beams on. Rudeness, poor service in shops etc. Oh dear, I had best stop! 🙂

    • Oh, you reminded me of more things which make me mad. Poor service in shops drives me mad, as does really slow service in restaurants. People who use text speak in emails or on Facebook. Drivers who are super aggressive to me when I’m in a super obvious bright yellow Aviva learner’s car.

  3. Gratuitous swearing. I’m not a prude and have been known to utter the odd expletive in the appropriate situation, but there’s no need to punctuate every sentence with *** and ****. It robs language of its richness and I’ve noticed a lot of comedians going for the quick laugh with bad language or crudeness.
    Shop assistants who ignore you or continue chatting with their mates is another bugbear as well as marketing calls.

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