November Roundup & Looking Forward to December

The start of November seems like a really long time ago. What should have been a great month for getting into a new routine and starting a new job ended up being a tough month for both of us. We received news that my fiance’s dad had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and remaining calm and positive while we waited for his treatment to start was challenging for both of us. The month passed by in a blur of stress and worry.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to December. I’ll be spending it in Galway with the Ginger’s family and while I’m not the most Christmas-y person, there is something very enjoyable about being around a large group of people who you care about, sharing good food with them, opening presents, laughing at each other’s stories, and playing boardgames and cards.

I don’t know if I have any aims or plans for the month apart from enjoying spending time with our families and friends. Normally every year, I worry that I haven’t done enough but this year, I’m going to skip on the angst and just enjoy the Christmas season.


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