List 2: What I Want for Christmas

My favourite thing on Christmas Day is opening my presents. I like being around family, Christmas movies and Christmas dinner. To be fair, everyone else’s favourite part of Christmas is tearing open the wrapping paper and seeing what lies inside. This year, I’m hoping for some small but lovely things.


Nothing too shocking there but I would love to add some new books to my cookbook collection this Christmas. Rachel Allen’s Cake is quite appealing to my inner baker, but a far more practical addition would be Domini Kemp’s new cookbook How I Like To Cook for new ideas for mid-week dinners. I’d also love to expand my cooking repertoire with The Lebanese Kitchen and Eat Like An Italian, and add a touch of sentimentality to my collection with the new English Market cookbook.

Domini Kemp How I Like To Cook

Jewellery Box 

My dressing table is covered with jewellery and my main request this Christmas is a nice jewellery box to put the more delicate bits and bobs away for safe keeping. Even more, I want to add some new charms to my Pandora bracelet, namely the crown charm.

Some Pretty Things

Some bright nail polishes, posh candles and snuggly scarves will always be a welcome surprise in my Christmas stocking, and I think I might self-gift myself some new lipstick and blush for Christmas Day.


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