Operation Lose Some Weight

One of my New Years goals which I mentioned yesterday is lose some weight. I want to feel healthy again and to comfortably fit back into my clothes. I’m sick of my clothes sitting awkwardly and pinching on my waist so now is the time to do something about it, as I can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe.

I know noone out there would describe me as fat and the only time I would think of myself as overweight is when I get on the scales and see my BMI in the overweight category and a higher than average fat percentage. Even at my thinnest, I’ve always been curvy but recently I’ve became a little bit more curvy than usual. If I’m honest with myself, it is clear it has affected my self-confidence especially when I notice a roll of fat where there was never much fat or can’t fit into my favourite dress.

It has to stop, not just for vanity but for my health. Being healthy and fit is an investment in the future, particularly when there is a risk of getting diabetes in later life in my family already. I used to be in great shape and somewhere in the last few years, I messed up and let fitness and health become less of a priority than it used to be.

I don’t want to do anything drastic and ideally getting back to my old size should be a slow and sustainable process to prevent endless cycles of being good and then binging and gaining weight. So far, my plan amounts to eat more vegetables and fruit, stop eating so much junk food and takeaways and exercise. I know there are thousands of diet and exercise plans in which I could cut out carbohydrates or exercise everyday, but that would not be sustainable and would only get short term results.

Here’s to losing somewhere between 14-16 pounds over the next few months. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Operation Lose Some Weight

  1. Your outlook of bypassing traditional diets and just eating better and moving more is fantastic. All too often I see friends and family start the craziest of diet schemes at this time of year only to be consumed by guilt at the first setback, which is inevitable with such strict routines.

    Take it from a girl who spent the last two years getting three stone off her frame… slow and steady makes it incredibly easy to maintain the weight loss 🙂

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