Weight Loss, Wk 1

As part of my goal of losing some weight and getting healthy again, I must start being accountable to myself and honest with myself about how the weight loss is going.

Last week was a good start to my health kick but the effort slacked off towards the end of the week due to unforeseen circumstances which were completely beyond our control. I tried to make healthy choices but unfortunately, there wasn’t much scope for making the healthiest choice. Either way, I’m down 2lbs. I’ve lost the Christmas bloat and I can finally remove my engagement ring without too much of a struggle. I think it’s just water weight, instead of losing fat.

However this is about changing habits instead of just losing weight. There is no point in going to all this effort to improve my health if I just slip back to eating junk food and being lazy when I fit into a smaller size.

The most important thing for me to learn in all this is that a treat is a treat, an occasional reward or moment of self-indulgence. It is not an everyday reward which I get for doing absolutely nothing. The second habit I need to change is my sugar intake- I drink up to 3 cans of Coca Cola each day and that is not very healthy at all. I cut down last week to 1 can in the evening after dinner, and so far, it has been okay. I crave the sugar rush and caffeine hit during the day but drinking more water has helped with some of the craving.

This week, I plan to work on eating breakfast during the week and doing some exercise two evenings after work. I’ll report back next week if my good habits are starting to take root.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss, Wk 1

  1. Every pound counts, as does every inch. Don’t worry too much about the scales. Good food choices and extra exercise will show on your face, your waist and your scales 🙂 Well done

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