Nutrition: When Did It Get So Complicated?

Screw the Diet

I haven’t updated on my getting healthier and lose some weight plans for a while, mostly because it’s boring to think about dieting, let alone write about it. My diet has improved considerably in the last few weeks and I’m even starting to do regular exercise now. My skin is looking clearer and healthier than ever and I have loads of energy.

Even if this is my first proper weight-loss diet, I have always had an interest in nutrition and why people eat what they eat. Obviously the whole area of food is complex, based in cultural and socio-economic reasons as much as it is in scientific understanding of nutrition. Lately when I started to research anything about nutrition, it seems so full of ridiculous complications and unnecessary restrictions.

There seem to be so many conflicting views about what is considered healthy now and so many foods continuously denounced as being unhealthy and then redeemed as healthy by another report the following week. We end up spend half our time wondering whether something is good for us or bad for us that we forget food is meant to be about enjoyment.

I’m not a nutritionist, but having a healthy diet is not as complicated as all those diet books and nutrition plans make out. You already know what is healthy for you and it certainly isn’t fizzy drinks, takeaways, diet foods pumped with additives, chocolate and crisps. You do not need to pay someone or buy a book to learn that. You do have time to make healthy dinners and lunches, if you make it a priority. You don’t need treats every single day, cutting back on white carbs is always a good idea and a proper portion size is probably smaller than you think it is. If you want to lose weight, it probably won’t be as swift as a crash diet but it will be far more sustainable. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking a healthy diet is something more complex than that.


4 thoughts on “Nutrition: When Did It Get So Complicated?

  1. Amen. I also feel like a lot of this stuff has become excessively complicated. When I think about how human beings have evolved and established societies all around the world, on diets as diverse as cows blood and milk or seal fat and whale meat or seaweed and rice, etc. etc., I don’t know, it makes me question the idea that there is such a thing as one Perfectly Healthy Way of Eating. My suspicion is that making nutrition (and exercise, too) seem overly complicated is a handy marketing trick employed by nutrition/fitness professionals, who want people to believe that their help is essential to becoming healthy, because look at how complicated it is! Even though the core, all of this stuff is, like you said, fairly simple.

    • The worst thing is that so much of dietary is pseudo-science or based on very little evidence. Most scientific research point to a varied diet with carbs, protein, veg, fruit and dairy.

      I think some of the advice being put out by so-called nutritionist is also dangerous- like cutting out dairy and not advising for calcium supplements- or ridiculously expensive- Paleo’s focus on animal protein, for example.

  2. Totally agree. One book which I did find inspiring was ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ which was about enjoying good quality food. Discipline is also needed though which unfortunately is not my strong point.

  3. Well I know that for myself I need someone or something to make me stuck to my goals and stuff.
    I’m very easy going on myself “well I was feeling sick so I ate too much comfort food, it’s ok though cause I had a reason!” I mean I need someone to hold me accountable until I learn to do that to myself!

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