List 3: Current Favourite TV Shows

I rarely seem to watch TV but every now and again, I start to love certain series. So here are my current favourite television shows…

Criminal Minds

I might only be watching the fifth series of Criminal Minds but I love this series. Sometimes it smacks of repetitive storylines and glaring stereotypes, but I love procedural dramas especially when the story is wrapped up neatly in one episode. It also helps that Reid is very cute in a nerdy, intellectual way and Garcia is so freaking cool.

Criminal Minds


I’ve enjoyed the American series Elementary based on the Sherlock Holmes books and stories. While I’m a fan of the British Sherlock, Lucy Liu as Joan Watson adds a fantastic twist to the concept.



Arrow is a modern day Robin Hood/ Batman story of rich playboy turned superhero Oliver Queen trying to save Sterling City from the corruption which has condemned the city… and did I mentioned the eye candy of Stephen Amell?


What are your current favourite TV series?


One thought on “List 3: Current Favourite TV Shows

  1. I like your list, I’m going to have to check out Criminal Minds…I just had too look at your post as I’m doing a similar one of my own….come check it out and add to the list if you feel so inclined 🙂

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