Kicking the Habit- Giving up Coca Cola


Like many women, I have a terrible sweet tooth. Mine is not for chocolate or sweet confectionary but for sugary drinks, especially Coca Cola. My sugar and caffeine dependence started during my college years, when long study hours would mean an energy boost was often needed.

Since then, I have continued drinking soft drinks at frankly worrying volumes- often around 1 litre of coke a day- yet often, feeling that I need a sugar and caffeine hit for energy.

I calculated the amount of sugar I consume each day, and with my Coke consumption alone, averaging 3 cans of Coca Cola each day, I consume 105g of sugar each day and 735g of sugar in a week. No wonder I suffer from frequent acne and bad skin in general.

Last week, a workmate challenged me to give up my Coca Cola habit for a week, especially since I often joke about how I’m not addicted. I have previously tried to cut down on the amount of sugar I consume but would frequently slip up.

It seems easier to go cold turkey then than trying restrict the amount of Coke I drink. Regardless, it’s not like it has any nutritional value, just empty calories of all the sugar. I know it is so bad for me, and the reality check is that it is not sustainable for my health.

It’s been 3 days since I last drank any Coca Cola- I’ve gone through cravings, decaffeineation and a major grumpy spell this evening. I’m holding strong and will count it as a victory if I can even reach Friday evening without cracking.


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