February Review & March Plans

February has been a quiet month around here, between injuries, sickness and busy weekends, there has been very little going on here. March looks to be a far more active and exciting month, and I hope to have a far more interesting post at the beginning of April!



I started to read The Wheel of Time book series in January and during last month, have managed to read Books 5-9 in the series. For those who don’t know, it is a fantasy series by Robert Jordon and Brandon Sanderson spanning 14 books, the last of which was just released in January. I hope to finish the series in March, all going well.

Beauty Products

Revlon Cherry Blossom

My beauty obsession this month is the Super Lustrous lipstick from Revlon in Cherry Blossom. I think it was part of the limited Shanghai collection last year. The lipstick is a dark pink, almost red shade which is super-flattering on pale skin. The formula doesn’t feel drying on the lips and last 3-4 hours before needing to be reapplied. Overall it’s a sophisticated change to my more usual bright red lipsticks and stains.

In The Kitchen


During my time off this month when I was injured, I set myself a project to organise my cookbooks and recipes. I signed up to Pepperplate, a website which allows you to add recipes manually from your cookbooks, clip recipes from websites and create menus, meal plans and shopping lists. It has made the weekly grocery shop so easy with its automatic shopping list and ability to adjust serving size.

I am going to continue this project, filing the recipes in my favourite cookbooks into Pepperplate for even easier weeknight cooking.

Health & Fitness

During February, I couldn’t exercise due to my shoulder injury but now that it is mostly healed, I plan on introducing exercise into my routine again. I am going to start with a walk after work every evening, and eventually work more challenging workouts into my schedule towards the end of the month.

Apart from that, I’m going to try to remain on a good health kick during the weekdays- between giving up Coca Cola and reducing other soft drinks to the rare occasion (read- hangover, night out or junk food night at home), eating more vegetables and fruit every day, and avoiding white bread as much as possible, I think I’m off to a good start for March.


Lately I haven’t been very good for taking photos so I signed up for a photography course last week and as the weather is gradually improving, hopefully I will be outside with my camera again this month.

How was your February, and how is your March shaping up?


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