March Round-Up & April Plans

March here was more of the same old, same old I experienced in February– not much going on and not enough motivation to make things happen either.


Yup, I still haven’t finished the Wheel of Time series yet. I’m on Book 13 though so the end is in the sight, and I am avoiding any conversations about the series until I turn that last page. I’m excited, mostly because I have put the last three months into reading this series and want the conclusion to be amazing.


I spent a couple of afternoons in Gougane Barra and Garretstown Strand where I took loads of photos. I also attended a photography workshop about photo composition and started taking an online photography course, so I also have had so much to think about on the technique side of photography.

All in all, a great return to my favourite hobby, and I have some interesting projects planned for the coming weeks.


I attended the Galway Food Festival over the Easter weekend and went to a very interesting talk about the impact of cheap food. I share more thoughts on that talk in my next post.

I also hope to start posting a few more recipes here in the coming weeks, now that there is decent light in the evening for taking photography.


In the last month, I published a whopping 5 posts. My writers block prevented me from putting any words to paper and my lack of motivation compounded that, but participating in the NewFarmette’s April blogging challenge will hopefully help me overcome this in the next few months.

Any plans for April?


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