Positive Habits

Have you ever noticed that one good habit creates more positive habits? Since giving up drinking Coca Cola, it has created three good habits for me.

The first is that I now drink far more water than I used to. Before I would have drank maybe 1 litre of water during work but drink Coca Cola during my lunch break and after work. Now instead of sugar-filled drinks, I drink a pint of water during lunch, another with dinner and some diluted cordial some evenings.

Secondly, I am finding that I am eating far less junk food. If I’m not drinking Coke, I then won’t be tempted to nibble on crisps and chocolate.

The final habit is that I am learning what a treat is- for me, Coca Cola is a treat which I can have occasionally. It is not something I should drink every day, or even every week. It also helps that I no longer keep it in my apartment- if it’s not there, I don’t drink it. Simple really.

So how do I transfer this momentum over to other parts of my life? It’s seems obvious that instead of expecting to make big changes, making small simple ones often lead to the most sustainable changes which are easily maintained. Maybe applying this to my motivational issues with blogging, learning French or getting fit might be the way forward in the future- stop expecting miracles and just do one small thing at a time.


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