Mario Graffiti, Cork City

Walking around Cork city last weekend, I stumbled across this fantastic piece of street art near Fitzgerald Park by UCC. Normally, I am quite critical of graffiti, seeing it as an eyesore on places of beauty, but this particular Super Mario piece is quite eye-catching. I especially like how the street features of the electric boxes are used to make the bricks and pipes of the Super Mario world.

Mario Street Art, Cork City


7 thoughts on “Mario Graffiti, Cork City

  1. Have you seen the Legend of Zelda graffiti? 🙂
    Also as far as I remember there was a wooden mario piece to this too, but someone/people removed it one Thursday night I was so disappointed walking past there on the following Friday!

      • It’s on the fence outside the field that sometimes they practise archery in!
        It’s just down the road from the “main” gate to UCC, wher you look up towards the very Hogwarts-like part of UCC from the road! It’s just some rupees and triforces, nothing majorly cool! 🙂

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