Sunday Stroll: Patrick’s Hill

Life in Cork city centre is often noisy and hectic, but there are moments of peace during the weekend after the night-time revellers slip home and before the daytime workers and shoppers arrive into town.

My favourite time to do during these quiet moments is walk around with my camera and an open mind, down whatever street grabs my attention and pointing my camera at anything interesting.

Last weekend, my Sunday morning walk brought me up Patrick’s Hill, the famously steep street in Cork city centre and then across to Shandon, a residential and cultural area north of the city centre. As Cork is a hilly city, there always are amazing views around every corner.

View over Patrick Street Cork

Patrick Street and South Cork View

Shandon View, St Anne's View

Heineken Brewery Cork



5 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll: Patrick’s Hill

  1. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and never realised you were from Cork! Very slow on the uptake I know. I am too and am feeling very nostalic right now looking at your pics xx

    • I’m not Cork born and bred, but I’ll probably be here for the next few years.

      I’m glad to hear I’m bringing back some fond memories, I always got nostalgic when I lived abroad and saw photos of Ireland.

  2. Ah, St. Patrick’s Hill, went to school there! The school is where the black railings are in your first photo, and my sister lived in the next building down! Fond memories!

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