Vintage Photoshoot

While I post about photography at least once a week on this blog, I rarely ever post photos of myself. Too frequently, I’m behind the camera and often forget to even think to get a photograph of myself. I think I’ve even had the same Facebook profile picture for a year.

As a treat for myself after the stress of the last 2 months between my depression and being diagnosed with prediabetes, I booked a photoshoot with a photographer. It was mostly to celebrate kickstarting my prediabetes treatment by losing 7 pounds since being diagnosed, but also to help rebuild some of my self-confidence after my recent loss of self-esteem.

I have to say, it was amazing fun. I got dressed up, went to the hairdresser to get the most amazing victory rolls put in my hair, and painted on my favourite red lipstick. The photos are gorgeous and when I look at them, I’m so proud of my recent fightback against my health issues in the last few months.

Dawn (28 of 30) edited

Dawn (8 of 30)

Dawn (21 of 30)



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