Prediabetes: Weight Loss & Health Kick

I mentioned earlier in May that I received a diagnosis of prediabetes after my doctor ran some routine blood tests. While my endocrinologist was running tests to make sure I’m not developing Type 1 diabetes, I also had a fasted blood glucose test ran to see whether my lifestyle changes were working.

The good news is that all the small changes are adding up, and I’m starting to control my blood sugars. Six weeks after getting the diagnosis, my fasted blood sugars dropped from 6.9mmol/l to 5.1mmol/l, a massive improvement.

While I’m not just improving my health, I’m also starting to lose weight and feel much better about myself. In six weeks, I’ve lost nearly 10lbs and greatly improved my fitness.

While I’ve made improvements, I really must emphasise that I don’t count calories nor do I eat a low-fat diet. Of course, I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, and these are just what have worked for me.

The changes are small but all of them have added up to make a big difference.

I already gave up drinking Coca Cola earlier this year, but I took a further step after receiving my diagnosis by cutting out fruit juice, chocolate, sweets, junk food. Occasionally I have a can of 7up Free or Coke Zero when a craving for something sweet and sugary hits me.

I reduced the amount of refined carbohydrates in my diet, and replaced them with wholegrain carbs or just cut them out completely. I often have carb-free dinners or lunches, and have replaced wheat bread with rye bread and crackers.

I drink more water, at least 1.5l every day and more on workout days. Often when I think I’m hungry, I’m actually thirsty.

I actually eat breakfast every day, mostly porridge or poached eggs, but as a treat, I eat strawberries and sliced banana with Greek yoghurt.

I only ate cake once in May on my birthday, and since adding small treats back to my diet in June, I’ve had cake 3 times. Each time I just have a small slice and savour the treat.

I added more vegetables and fruits to my diet. Instead of having a carb side, I add another vegetable side. I add a salad to the table at dinner time, and extra vegetables to stews and sauces. When I’m hungry, I grab an apple or a plum, instead of a bar of chocolate. The vegetable stalls at the English market are now my favourite place to shop.

I eat healthy snacks, instead of crisps and pastries. I keep a jar of almonds and cashew nuts, and a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, and grab them for a quick bite. Instead of ice-cream, I have a small bowl of full-fat yoghurt and fruit.

I use more legumes and pulses in my cooking, instead of relying on grains to add bulk. Tasty and cheap, what’s not to like?

I’ve became more active. I walk everywhere, and I workout three time a week for 45-60 minutes. My fitness has greatly improved and I may have turned into a fitness junkie.

All small changes, but they do add up to big improvements to my diet.



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