Ta Prohm Temple

Everyone will recognise this particular Angkor temple, Ta Prohm, from the first Tomb Raider movie. However I will always remember it for the fall I took from a ledge while taking a photo. In a split second, I had to choose between saving my camera or protecting myself from the impact. I took the pain of banging my hip and knees to save my Nikon and paid for that later with several bruises.

Regardless of the bruises and uncomfortable tuk tuk journeys after my trip to Ta Prohm, the photos from this dramatic temple are some of my favourite from my holiday in Cambodia. The light that day was dreadful, really dreary and overcast, but that only added to the atmosphere around this crumbling temple and the surrounding jungle.

Ta Prohm Tree Temple 1

Ta Prohm Tree Temple 2

Ta Prohm Tree Temple 3 Ta Prohm Tree Temple 4


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