Goodbye September

September has been a great month for me, probably one of the best months I’ve had for ages. Between the fantastic weather and all achievements I’ve made in my personal life, it truly has been the best month in 2013.

The first reason for this has been my continued recovery from depression. I’ve started tapering off my anti-depressants now and using all the skills and knowledge I learned during recovery to cope with any bumps along the way. Most days now, I feel very happy and content in myself, and am able to deal with what life throws my direction. I know there is a chance it may come back at any stage but hopefully I’ll be able to manage better from now on.

Reason number two is that I got a job after a few months of being unemployed. The hours aren’t reliable, but it’s a start.

The third reason is that I’m getting very fit from all the gym work and running I’ve been doing lately. I signed up for the Limerick Mini Marathon which will be on in mid-October. I’m hoping to run the 8km in under 50 minutes. It’ll be my first proper timed race so I’m very excited. The longest distance I’ve managed so far is 9km in 55 minutes so I’m hoping to reach my goal, once my chest infection lifts.

And the final reason is that I finally reached my goal weight of 9 stone and fit back into my clothes. Huzzah!

It mightn’t be much and they mightn’t be very exciting to anyone other than me, but getting my life back on track is a cause for great excitement and pride for me so I’m going to celebrate them.

How was your September?


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