Rice Paddies, Cambodia

I know, I know… Enough with the Cambodia photos already, but seriously I haven’t really taken many photos for the last 2 months as I’ve been so busy between my various temping roles and then getting a full-time job in mid-October.

Apart from a bit of food photography using my newly rigged up lightbox, my camera lies untouched lately so you are still getting some older photos from my summer trip to Cambodia as a stop-gap measure. What I can say, I took over 2000 photos in 10 days!

This particular set of photos come from the Cambodian countryside near Banteay Srei temple. Rice season had reached its midpoint with the rice paddies looking lusciously green. My strongest memory of Cambodia (apart from 8 days of Delhi/ travellers belly) are the vibrant colours everywhere- in Siem Reap, at the temples, out in the countryside, everywhere- colourful shop-fronts and stalls, brightly painted tuk-tuks, beautiful butterflies and of course, the brightest green of the flooded paddies full of growing rice shoots.

Of course, the two main lessons you should glean from this blog post- always bring a wide angle lens with you if you’re going to such a scenic country… and take travel advice like not eating shellfish, soft cheese and salads while in South East Asia seriously.

Rice Fields Cambodia

Rice Paddies & Houses Cambodia

Rice Paddy Lake

Windswept Rice Paddies


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