Gecko & Termite Life, Angkor Wat

Things I am not fond of- lizards, geckos, snakes, large insects, small insects and mosquitoes.

Things I saw while in Cambodia- lizards, geckos, snakes and insects of all sizes. Shudder…

Still my photographic curiosity overcame my horror, and through my photos, I’ve found a little bit to admire about our smaller companions on this planet.

Looking at the gecko below, I now see shiny scales, versatile padded feet and bright little eyes… but still I’m not too sure I would be happy to see one of them on the ceiling above my bed.

The line of termites marching onwards on their journey, possibly towards a new home, caused me to admire their tenacity and social organisation. The photo of the line is only a tenth of the amount of termites we saw marching by in that line, and to me, there is something astonishing about that.

Lizard Angkor Wat

Termites March



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