Goals for 2014

While 2013 was a rough year for me, I intend on 2014 being an amazing year, full of adventures and exciting new experiences. I want to challenge myself to learn some new skills, and develop and expand on what I already know.


Read 52 books.

Move to a larger and warmer apartment than our current rental.

Have a no-spend month in which I only spend money on necessities.

Take a French beginners class.

Grow my hair out beyond my shoulders.

Be a happy person!

Become more organised.

Keep in contact with more people, both online and offline friends.

Have a junk food (including diet drinks) free month.

Learn how to drive!

Health & Fitness

Continue to manage my diabetes as well as possible.

Take a yoga or pilates class, and improve my flexibility and core strength.

Run a sub-27 minutes 5km and a sub-60 minutes 10km race.

Take a kettlebells/ TRX/ strength training class once a week, and get a set of guns!

Take a rock climbing course.

Learn how to swim.


Create and use a blog planner to have a more regular posting schedule

Continue food blogging and hopefully, blog over 100 recipes here

Comment more frequently on other blogs.

Post a photo blog every Monday.

Publish at least 150 posts in 2014.


Take a photography course.

Join a photography club.

Go to more photography exhibitions.

More nighttime photography.

Save up for a new camera body and macro lens.

Cooking & Baking

Continue organising recipes using Pepperplate.

Find the perfect chocolate cake recipe.

Menu plan every week.

Experiment more with baking bread and pastry.

Cook more Indian, Lebanese and Thai food at home.

Eat more fish, more vegetables and more beans and lentils.


Visit more friends who are based in Europe- Germany and Netherlands, here I come.

Take a week long trip to London.

Spend more weekends visiting Irish cities and attractions.

What are your plans for 2014?


4 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. You’re going to be super busy this year! It reads great though, I may even borrow a few myself 🙂 I’ve done a list over on my blog but the main ones are to start to qualify as a PM, take piano back up, get my full drivers license, do lots more travel, appreciate family, boyfriend and friends more, make some new friends, learn a new craft with my new sewing machine I got for Christmas and then the usual eat healthier (which is where I’ll borrow your meal plan idea), go for more walks and in general be more positive… Basically changes for the better! I’m always excited about starting a new year!

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