Ferris Wheel & Christmas Market, Cork



On a crisp, dark December evening, there is nothing better than walking around Cork city with my camera and a tripod to capture photos of the cityscape at night.The erection of a Ferris wheel in the Christmas market on Grand Parade provided a great opportunity to take some long exposures and play with light in this brightly lit urban environment. 

The Ferris wheel provided the main focal point in these photos but the supporting lights around the street really emphasise the hustle and bustle around the Christmas market. Playing around with 15 second shutter speeds caught trails of car lights and, very unintentionally, the red, amber and green bulbs on the traffic lights together. A 30 second exposure captured the Ferris wheel lit up like a bright circle- exactly what I love about shooting in Manual mode.

Ferris Wheel Grand Parade

Cork Ferris Wheel

Grand Parade Cork Ferris Wheel Christmas Market

South Mall Electric Ferris Wheel Cork



Roses, University College Cork

It’s been 21 days since my last blog post. It’s just been too nice to sit inside and blog!

I spent an afternoon in UCC recently, and to kill some time while waiting, I stopped to admire the multi-coloured rose beds near the Aula Maxima. Unfortunately, the roses were starting to wilt from the heat but the colours were so beautiful.


Cream Rose 2

Cream Rose

Peach Rose 2

Peach Rose

White Rose

Yellow Roses

Cork Port, 23rd June

Port of Cork

Cork Port at 11pm, 23rd June.

I love night-time photography but rarely indulge my love, it’s always too cold or too rainy for it to be enjoyable. I spotted the large full moon last night on our way back from Galway, and grabbed my tripod and camera and ran down to the port in Cork city to capture the light in this industrial area.

St Anne’s Church, Shandon

Cork’s skyline is dominated by many different buildings- churches, the Opera House, the Elysian apartment block, the County Council building- but my favourite landmark is the clock tower at St. Anne’s Church in Shandon. The clock tower is known locally as the Four Faced Liar, as most of the time, none of the times on the clock match up.

Four Faced Liar Clock Tower

St Anne's Church