May & June Catchup

I didn’t get around to doing one of these in May, so today, you get a double whammy of what happened in May & June.


Birthday Cake 2 Birthday Cake

We celebrated two birthdays in the past two months- my 25th and the Ginger’s 27th birthday. Neither of us celebrated with a night out or a party, but a birthday cake is compulsory for any birthday. On the left is the white chocolate cake I made for his birthday, and on the right is a vanilla Madeira cake for my birthday. I guess I should set some goals for my 26th birthday or a bucket list for my 30th birthday.


I wrote a longer post about my battle against depression earlier this month, but I want to say that I am starting to feel so much better now. It feels like my personality has returned, as has my positivity. I’m going to be on antidepressants for the next while, but I’m hopeful that I will be able to stay happy and healthy when I come off them.


I find that it’s only when I look back that I realise how far I’ve come. In the beginning of May, I would have struggled to run 1km but now, I’ve turned into a fitness enthusiast. I ran the Pieta House Darkness into Light run in the middle of May, and realised the effectiveness of exercise on my frame of mind. Since then, I’ve started boxing class, spin class, kettlebells class and run at the weekends. Of course, it’s also been very effective for managing my prediabetes as I took my fasting blood sugars down to 5.1mmol/l in my last checkup. I’ve also lost 10lbs as well, and none of my clothes fit me!

Everything Else…

I joined Cork City Library, the city centre library is huge and I love the branch out in Douglas. Why did no-one tell me they have hundreds of cookbooks?

I bought a Kenwood food processor- life in the kitchen has suddenly became so much easier.

I finally started wearing contact lenses again, it’s nice to go out without my glasses.

My hair is growing past my neck, it’s hard to believe I had a pixie cut this time last year.

I watched the first season of Nashville. It’s total brain mush territory but yet I can’t wait for Season 2.

There ends my brain dump, how was your June?


Tuesday Tunes: Frankie & Johnnie by Sam Cooke

Yes, I probably have posted this song before but I want to celebrate my return to swing dancing classes this with one of my favourite songs.

I’m also participating in The NewFarmette’s April Challenge to post every day for the month of April, so expect to see loads more posts from my blog.

List 3: Current Favourite TV Shows

I rarely seem to watch TV but every now and again, I start to love certain series. So here are my current favourite television shows…

Criminal Minds

I might only be watching the fifth series of Criminal Minds but I love this series. Sometimes it smacks of repetitive storylines and glaring stereotypes, but I love procedural dramas especially when the story is wrapped up neatly in one episode. It also helps that Reid is very cute in a nerdy, intellectual way and Garcia is so freaking cool.

Criminal Minds


I’ve enjoyed the American series Elementary based on the Sherlock Holmes books and stories. While I’m a fan of the British Sherlock, Lucy Liu as Joan Watson adds a fantastic twist to the concept.



Arrow is a modern day Robin Hood/ Batman story of rich playboy turned superhero Oliver Queen trying to save Sterling City from the corruption which has condemned the city… and did I mentioned the eye candy of Stephen Amell?


What are your current favourite TV series?

Tuesday Tunes: Frankie & Johnnie by Sam Cooke

I’m taking swing dancing classes at the moment, and while I might be somewhere between somewhat terrible and not that bad in my dancing skills, I still am really enjoying learning how to dance. I’m not the most elegant of people out there. I’m clumsy, and not in that cutesy way the Manic Pixie Dream-Girl trope would have you believe; more in the terrible way of having to visit A&E way too frequently.

I’m not a natural dancer by any means, rhythm is something I am working on, and I am a poor follow as I always try to lead. Still, the class is fun and I love the music we dance to during class so I guess I’ll figure the steps out eventually.