The Boxer

I’ve written about my family’s boxer before– a lazy hound with odour issues and a love for taking up all the room on the couch/ bed/ wherever you want to relax. For all my loving complaints about his laziness, I absolutely love watching him at play. Sprinting after a ball or playing tug, I’m always surprised when I see a placid dog turned into an energetic, feisty creature intent on only one thing- keeping the ball.

Boxer Dog

Max the Boxer 2

Max the Boxer Dog

Ferris Wheel & Christmas Market, Cork



On a crisp, dark December evening, there is nothing better than walking around Cork city with my camera and a tripod to capture photos of the cityscape at night.The erection of a Ferris wheel in the Christmas market on Grand Parade provided a great opportunity to take some long exposures and play with light in this brightly lit urban environment. 

The Ferris wheel provided the main focal point in these photos but the supporting lights around the street really emphasise the hustle and bustle around the Christmas market. Playing around with 15 second shutter speeds caught trails of car lights and, very unintentionally, the red, amber and green bulbs on the traffic lights together. A 30 second exposure captured the Ferris wheel lit up like a bright circle- exactly what I love about shooting in Manual mode.

Ferris Wheel Grand Parade

Cork Ferris Wheel

Grand Parade Cork Ferris Wheel Christmas Market

South Mall Electric Ferris Wheel Cork